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Bruce Thomson and Michael Liu building a prototype Koomidown
Bruce Thomson and Michael Liu building a prototype Koomidown

What we do

  • Abretech invents and creates new types of energy-related equipment that will…
    – Cut the need for fossil fuels
    – Reduce climate change
    – Provide these devices cheaply to the world so even poor people can enjoy the benefits.
  • After we launch the Koomidown (probably 2017) we hope to offer new kinds of batteries for electric bicycles and for powering homes.


Bruce Thomson and Michael Liu
Michael Liu and Bruce Thomson
  • (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
    • Michael (Jinrong) Liu
      – Created & patented first Koomidowns
      in China in 2014, used them for two years.
      – PhD in battery and energy technologies.
      – Still actively improving the physical
      KMD before mass production and sales.
      – Married with one teenaged son. Enjoys
      inventing, puff running & table tennis.
    • Bruce Thomson
      – Background in telecom engineering, IT
      training, tech writing in NZ and Canada
      – Joined Abretech 2016 to help engineer
      the KMD design
      – Setting up global testing, websites, legal,
      literature, finance.
      – Also keen on fitness and health.
      – Runs a house full of sociable boarders.