Learn about heat stroke – what happens

  • Sweating causes loss of water and blood salt from the body (dehydration)
  • Not enough water to sweat for cooling, body gets even hotter.
  • Also, blood is thicker, harder for the heart to pump
  • Heart tires, weakens, reduces circulation, oxygenation. Kidneys can’t clean the blood as well
  • Whole body exhaustion
  • Brain function reduces – fainting, cramps, dizziness, confusion, uncoordinated movement
  • Heart urgently works harder, burning more fuel, heating body more
  • Clammy skin
  • Death

The above is from the video: How Does Extreme Heat Kill You?

Koomidown status (March 2019)

  • Trial of Koomidowns completed in Philippines.
  • Approaching schools in China to do further trials there.

Creating prototype Koomidown in New Zealand
(Michael Liu and Bruce Thomson)

  • Patents for global protection completed to ensure Koomidown cannot be captured and silenced by a competing industry and withheld from the public.
  • Have talked with designers who may enhance the effectiveness, robustness and beauty of Koomidown.

March 2019 – Koomidown is Competing for (Million dollar) Global Cooling Prize

  • We have entered Koomidown in the Global Cooling Prize
  • “The Global Cooling Prize is rallying a global coalition of leaders to solve the critical climate threat that comes from growing demand for residential air conditioning. By harnessing the power of innovation, we can provide cooling solutions that enhance people’s lives without contributing to runaway climate change.
  • How? This groundbreaking competition is designed to incentivize development of a residential cooling solution that will have at least five times less climate impact than today’s standard RAC units.
  • This technology could prevent up to 100 gigatons (GT) of CO2-equivalent emissions by 2050, and put the world on a pathway to mitigate up to 0.5˚C of global warming by 2100, all while enhancing living standards for people in developing countries around the globe.”
  • …”The total prize purse of the competition is USD 3 million.
  • The top ten finalists selected on the basis of their technical proposal submission will be awarded a prize money of USD 200,000 each for development and shipping of their two prototype models to India.
  • The final winner will receive the grand prize of USD 1 million.”

Improved design of tent and curtain

  • When experimenting, we found that a cardboard box was very effective as an enclosure, see below.
  • We will try different materials, but this is a good step forward because it simplifies the tent and curtain option for the Koomidown. Here’s a peek preview…






Energy technologies for conservation and better enjoyment of life

Before and after, ice in bottle, curtain to block heat radiated by walls, comfort under the Koomidown
Before and after, ice in bottle, curtain to block heat radiated by walls, comfort under the Koomidown

Welcome to Abretech!
– Our first product is the Koomidown personal cooling system.
In hot weather it relieves people of unbearable heat. (‘Lots of details in this website).
– But we are also doing research on a new kind of battery that’s safer then the widely used lithium-ion type    (which can cause fires).
– If you’d like to keep up with what we are doing, subscribe to this website.
Bruce Thomson
Abretech New Zealand Limited.