Hear what people say about Koomidown



  • “Good news about the KMD.
  • Having tested it yesterday, it was proved working”
    Bwambale Morish, Kasese, Uganda


Michael Liu has used the Koomidown for two years
Michael Liu – using the Koomidown for 2 years
  • “For years, I saw air conditioning everywhere using huge amounts of energy to cool buildings.
  • I wanted a way to just cool just the people, not the whole room. I created the first Koomidowns there.
  • I used it in my very hot apartment in China, where the temperatures was 33°C, and no air conditioning.
  • It was marvelous – enabled me to get wonderful sleep.
  • It was so good that I did not want to leave the bed where I could stay so nice and cool.”
    Michael Liu, inventor/developer of Koomidown.

New Zealand

  • “In January 2017 I tried it out at 40°C in the attic of my iron-roofed house, with hot sun on the roof.
  • As soon as I was up there, I began to roast and sweat.
  • Then I lay under the Koomidown.
  • The first sensation was the lovely cool breeze on my face (I had glowing sunburn that day, so it was a especially delicious).
  • Then, after breathing that cool air for a minute, my body was no longer sweating – even surrounded by 40°C air. I could have slept easily despite the conditions.
  • I used the Koomidown tent (needed above 33°C). As soon as I pulled the tent round me, I instantly felt much less heat radiation off the iron roofing around me.”
    Bruce Thomson, developer of Koomidown.