Cool down now!


See video explaining how – click  HERE

== NOTE: For urgent, emergency treatment of heat stroke, click EMERGENCY
Prototype Koomidown made of perspex and polystyrene
Uganda at 30°C Bwambale Morish uses Koomidown. At right is the workstation version of Koomidown.
Koomidown mounted on a shelf, with curtain to block infra-red heat from hot walls
The optional support stand can hold the Koomidown (and optional tent, and optional tent lid)  for any type of bed or for sleeping on floor mat.
  • In hot weather it relieves people of unbearable heat.
  • We are currently testing the Koomidown in several countries.
  • We are looking for established business partners globally, to market Koomidown.
  • You are welcome to talk with us on our FaceBook page.